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No pain, no gain vol. 2

Posted by Pour Raphael Date: 2016-01-28

Let’s go further. I just added a highscore which will be stored in a file. #Copyright 2016 Raphael Pour #License: GPL #Spread the luv import random import json import os if __name__ == ‘__main__’: filename = “.gain” gain = {} if os.path.exists(filename): gain = json.load(open(filename,’r’)) print “///////////////////////////” print “/// ///” print “/// N O P […]

Evidence for Operating Systems 1

Posted by Pour Raphael Date: 2016-01-27

Here it is: My first ever evidence I developed during my computer science course @ the HTW. Developing a bash script which puts out the amount of time a specific user was on a specific computer lab pc in a specific month. When specifying a room number, it should print out the durations in total […]

No pain, no gain

Posted by Pour Raphael Date: 2016-01-26

You know this situation when sitting in front of your desk and study for some exams like “The science of Letters” aka “The Chronicles of finding x”… Next to some Nervennahrung[1] like nuts and sugar-based stuff, it’s hard to really concentrate in long term. I need some random sport activities which help me to focus. […]