The evidence of the module Computergraphics 2 should be a 3dsMax Scene. Our topic: Stones or more precisely Minerals.

I brainstormed how I can make an interesting scene without spending too much time.


Cave, room or showcase? Showcase is easy but not very interesting to animate… while doing some youtube tutorials about how difficult it would be to make a cave I actually made a pretty good cave. So the location was clear.

The minerals have each a different story. The Pyrit is the first picture you‘ll see when searching for Minerals on Wikipedia. The Amethyst was inspired by Generic-FJS.
The third was made via Brute-force. Afterwards I tried to find a real mineral which looks as close as possible to this one: The Baddeleyite.


Next to the project file itself, we should make a one-minute rendered animation of the scene, some screenshots and a documentation.

Draft Animation (Patatoe Quality)

Final Animation

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