In order to give the very best of our Web-Dev knowledge, we had to develop a vocabulary trainer for the module internet technology 1.
We had to use HTML, CSS, JS (including jQuery and AJAX) and my type-weak best friend: PHP.
In addition to make the website responsive we were allowed to use jQueryMobile.

Live version:
Source code:

Fun with language files

In order to keep languages dynamically and easy to CRUD[1] some we had to use files. Those files should be CSV-alike.
Since we should be able to upload new language files and every website should be hosted on a public web space from the university everyone could upload files on any site.
I came to the idea of reproducing the file formats of others when reading the recommendation of HTML-escaping every language file we read. So I was curious if anyone cared about this…

1. Attempt

In the first place I duplicated one of my own language files, and replaced every column with a embedded youtube video of Rick Astleys “Never gonna give you up”.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Since the tabulator was the recommended CSV split char, I didn’t had to care about having spaces inside the iframe.
But this solution did only worked on my own site, since other students had other file formats.

2. Attempt

The evidence description doesn’t restrict the amount of columns in your file. There has to be at least a column for the original and the translated language. But you could also add phonetics to each word or a description or whatever. So I decided to make files with different amounts of columns and different split chars and tryed to upload them. 2 of about 5 websites I found accepted my files and voil√°: Rick Astley was beautify the whole vocabulary game.


Okay, this “experiment” triggered some consequences. One of my fellow student tried it on my website and successfully uploaded a file with the lyrics of the song same song which enthroned by then my evidence.

[1] Create Read Update Delete



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