There came a lot of research projects up while learn and practice for the module Computergraphics 1.
It was all about the basic graphic stuff with OpenGL:

  • Making some shapes and solids
  • Colorize them
  • Translate/Scale/Rotate them
  • Different projections

We made an application for every problem. It is just obvious that a Template would really help to quickly get to the real struggle of a new problem rather than lose time on not beeing DRY

This just escalated to the Idea of making an engine which is very abstract in order to focus on the important stuff. I broke this just down to: Make a Template or Make OpenGL a little bit more handsome.

The Motivation

  • Get deeper into Graphic Programming
  • Get deeper into Software Engineering
  • Tron-like look
  • Science! (This just needs no explanation)

And last but not least: Doesn’t satisfy you if you can show your family and friends a visual application which is self-explaining rather than telling about the fascinating but boring business application? (No offense)

The Problem

A lot of different Projects with different data structures and concepts. On the one side functional on the other object-oriented.

The (closest) Solution

Making a new Project and adapt the logic ratger than just Copy-Paste stuff. The basic goal: Make a general graphic object which can be parameterized and rendered. This just encapsules all the VBO/VAO stuff which is in my opinion one of the ugliest parts of the OpenGL programming stuff. Having that in some kind of black box lets me sleep better.
Then make a few basic objects like a Cube, Plane, Grid which are a specialized class of the basic graphic object. Afterwards encapsule the different problems like making a Camera class for all the projection problems and so on.


Featureset and download link are comming soon!


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