I did some graphic-library-research-stuff last summer which can be found on my bitbucket @ OpenGL-Template. There are several Low-Level Functions from my other Projects collected and new one implemented.

Current Featureset:

  • Model-Loader (Obj)
  • Renderable Classes like Cube, Grid and Plane
  • Camera Class for orthogonal and perspective projection
  • Static coordinate axes
  • Default shader which pass through everything and only apply the MVP-Matrix to every Vertex
  • MVP-Matrix
  • Navigation via Keyboard
  • Zoomen via Mousewheel

The Model-Loader is still alpha ’cause of some conversion bugs. Objects made with Microsoft 3D-Builder let my application crash. Objects made with 3dsMax can be loaded but with a very glitchy look…
Feels like an Index or Offset Error on reading the vertices…

Most of the classes are taken from my CG1-Preexamination-Project.

While it is a lot of fun creating some visual stuff which actually works, it also consumes a lot of time…I hope that I will continue my work to a degree where it is something like a no-brainer (I phonetically hate that word, but it describes best what I mean…)

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