Every diploma student at HTW DD has to make an internship at a company or other organisation in the 5th semester.

Next to the stuff on this site I figured out the following:

Don‘t know where to make it but interested in one of the modules did in the past?
Ask a Prof. if she/he can do some networking for you.
For me it worked with Computer graphics and now I‘m doing an internship @ Helmholtz-Forschungszentrum Dresden-Rossendorf.

When should I start organizing?
At the beginning of the 4th semester is a good time to look for a place. It‘s okay if the contract is signed after the examination. But it has to be signed and commited to the HTW before the internship has started.

I failed in a module in the 4th semester…
So am I. I asked how many hours I have to do per week in order to do lesser than 40 hours to have more spare time to get prepared for the next chance. It should be at least 20 weeks x 35 hours per week = 700 hours.

Will I get money?
Depends on the company/organization you are going to go to. I get payed but I heared of some where you don‘t. Ask out the HR people of your company/organization.

Usefull links:

All information are without gurantee, rules may change every semester.

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