This all started as Testblog for some WordPress Plugins I were developing on. Now it‘s somehow a technical diary for me.

But the content lacks in quality so I decided to refurbish the whole thing. Every post will be at least translated into english or deleted.

The more interesting posts will be increased in content.

And I need to replace the design. I really hate this poem-like centered post style which is enabled by default. I already tested other themes but they all stuck either in design or layout (I am way too fixed on these wp-widgets, damn..). Maybe I will evaluate Octopress as a wordpress alternative. Content should be more in focus.


There are a lot of interesting little and big projects I am working on. In order to share the idea or the outcome I need a platform like this. I already thought of a Let‘s code Youtube Format, but I have no time for that (And I m really bad in oral explanation).

Other reasons:

  • Technical diary
  • I have a lot of time when driving to my internship company from Dresden to Rossendorf by bus
  • Science!! (no explanation needed)

For sake of christmas, here is a binary christmas ball tree.

Merry Christmas!

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