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Game Approach: OZO [UPDATE 01.02.2018]

Posted by Pour Raphael Date: 2018-01-19

While learning some AI stuff for my studies, I thought about What makes a game unique/interesting/different/memorable? I quickly tried to figure out how to make an alternative interaction with the game. Typically a player can navigate through the scene via arrow-keys/mouse or similar. What if the goal of the game is to learn how the […]

Inside a C float

Posted by Pour Raphael Date: 2018-01-12

Handling with floats can  be irritating while it is one of the non-integral datatypes. This means that the displayed value (e.g. via printf(“%f”,somefloat); )  is different to the one actualy stored in memory. This is caused by IEEE 754 To get the real values we have to go inside the float. A cast wouldn’t do the […]