I developed a little tool to develop, compile, link and test GLSL Shaders. It is based on Qt and supports only Vertex-, Geometry- and Fragment-Shader.

To test the shaders I send a simple Triangle to them with Cyan-Yellow-Magenta colors. Additional a uniform variable t will be incremented each render iteration.
A Model/View/Projection Mat will be provided soon. I have some struggle with Qt and how it abstracts OpenGL. It just prints a black OpenGL Screen when something went wrong…

However, I just did this little tool to make my OpenGLTemplate development a little easier. I wanted to see the Shader error before building the whole Project.
The public master branch isn’t up-to-date, because all the highlight, triangle-test-data,… stuff is beta in my sourceview branch. I will merge it as soon as it somehow works ^^*

To the Project: https://bitbucket.org/evilc00kie/glcheckshader

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