This is: CODING RUN!!!

Test out an idea in a small amount of time to distract yourself from your business.
While learning some Math I thought about the difficulty of an easy glm-alike Vector Datatrype in C.

20 minutes later I got this:

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <math.h>

typedef struct{
        double x;
        double r;
        double y;
        double g;
        double z;
        double b;

Vec3 add(Vec3 a, Vec3 b);
double scalarProduct(Vec3 a, Vec3 b);
double absVec(Vec3 v);

int main(int argc, char* argv[])
    Vec3 a;
    a.x = 2;
    a.y = -4;
    a.z = 0;

    Vec3 b;
    b.x = 3;
    b.y = 2;
    b.z = 5;

    Vec3 c = add(a,b);
    double sp = scalarProduct(a,b);
    double absA = absVec(a);

    printf("a + b = (%.2f %.2f %.2f)T\n", c.x, c.y, c.z);
    printf("<a,b> = %.2f\n", sp);
    printf("|a|   = %.2f\n", absA);

    return EXIT_SUCCESS;

Vec3 add(Vec3 a, Vec3 b)
    Vec3 result;
    result.x = a.x + b.x;
    result.y = a.y + b.y;
    result.z = a.z + b.z;

    return result;

double scalarProduct(Vec3 a, Vec3 b)
    return a.x*b.x + a.y*b.y + a.z*b.z;

double absVec(Vec3 v)
    return sqrt(v.x*v.x + v.y*v.y + v.z*v.z);

A pretty neat quick n dirty solution, isn’t it?

Compile it with gcc -lm vec3.c

EDIT [22.06.2018]

I just added even more functions and a “Test suite”. Rather than a single main-implementation-file, everything is now in a static lib which can be linked against your ready-to-deploy application.


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