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Saving Goats with Prolog

Posted by Pour Raphael Date: 2018-02-09

Spoiler: You might have guessed it already… you won’t see any real goat in here[1]. This is about a planning problem and how we can solve it using Prolog. A planning ploblem could be for example a game or a more or less complex task. You know the starting and goal state and the rules […]

Programming in Logic with Prolog

Posted by Pour Raphael Date: 2017-12-11

Motivation While Imperative Programming is very common, Logic Programming seems to be not  popular at all. Why would anyone use it? It is an other kind of thinking about problems. There are problems where imperative programming languages, such as C,C++, Java, Python, …, will suck. It is more like making a set of rules/constraints rather […]

HTW Diploma Internship

Posted by Pour Raphael Date: 2017-12-01

Every diploma student at HTW DD has to make an internship at a company or other organisation in the 5th semester. Next to the stuff on this site I figured out the following: Don‘t know where to make it but interested in one of the modules did in the past? Ask a Prof. if she/he […]

Summer of OpenGL

Posted by Pour Raphael Date: 2017-08-18

There came a lot of research projects up while learn and practice for the module Computergraphics 1. It was all about the basic graphic stuff with OpenGL: Making some shapes and solids Colorize them Translate/Scale/Rotate them Different projections … We made an application for every problem. It is just obvious that a Template would really […]

Vocabulary Trainer (Internet Technology 1 Evidence)

Posted by Pour Raphael Date: 2017-06-28

Introduction In order to give the very best of our Web-Dev knowledge, we had to develop a vocabulary trainer for the module internet technology 1. We had to use HTML, CSS, JS (including jQuery and AJAX) and my type-weak best friend: PHP. In addition to make the website responsive we were allowed to use jQueryMobile. […]

3dsmax Evidence

Posted by Pour Raphael Date: 2017-05-28

Motivation The evidence of the module Computergraphics 2 should be a 3dsMax Scene. Our topic: Stones or more precisely Minerals. I brainstormed how I can make an interesting scene without spending too much time. Brainstorming Cave, room or showcase? Showcase is easy but not very interesting to animate… while doing some youtube tutorials about how […]

Evidence for Operating Systems 1

Posted by Pour Raphael Date: 2016-01-27

Here it is: My first ever evidence I developed during my computer science course @ the HTW. Developing a bash script which puts out the amount of time a specific user was on a specific computer lab pc in a specific month. When specifying a room number, it should print out the durations in total […]