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GLSL Shader Development

Posted by Pour Raphael Date: 2018-04-20

I developed a little tool to develop, compile, link and test GLSL Shaders. It is based on Qt and supports only Vertex-, Geometry- and Fragment-Shader. To test the shaders I send a simple Triangle to them with Cyan-Yellow-Magenta colors. Additional a uniform variable t will be incremented each render iteration. A Model/View/Projection Mat will be […]


Posted by Pour Raphael Date: 2017-10-23

I did some graphic-library-research-stuff last summer which can be found on my bitbucket @ OpenGL-Template. There are several Low-Level Functions from my other Projects collected and new one implemented. Current Featureset: Model-Loader (Obj) Renderable Classes like Cube, Grid and Plane Camera Class for orthogonal and perspective projection Static coordinate axes Default shader which pass through […]

Summer of OpenGL

Posted by Pour Raphael Date: 2017-08-18

There came a lot of research projects up while learn and practice for the module Computergraphics 1. It was all about the basic graphic stuff with OpenGL: Making some shapes and solids Colorize them Translate/Scale/Rotate them Different projections … We made an application for every problem. It is just obvious that a Template would really […]

3dsmax Evidence

Posted by Pour Raphael Date: 2017-05-28

Motivation The evidence of the module Computergraphics 2 should be a 3dsMax Scene. Our topic: Stones or more precisely Minerals. I brainstormed how I can make an interesting scene without spending too much time. Brainstorming Cave, room or showcase? Showcase is easy but not very interesting to animate… while doing some youtube tutorials about how […]